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Maciek Nabrdalik

For Ukraine's animals, food and home, health and safety are getting harder to find.

Together with my wife @feysk and our team at @kharkiv_animals_help, we have been tirelessly providing aid to animals, left stranded or trapped in war zones, starving, freezing, and sick, seeking immediate help.

Currently, we are supporting numerous pets - πŸˆβ€β¬› cats, πŸ• dogs, and even 🐎 horses - who have been affected by the war but are fortunate enough to have their owners' care. We are providing them with food, medication, helping their owners to ensure their safety until the end of the war.

However, we cannot accomplish this alone. The cost of fuel, food, medication, and vaccines is exorbitant, and we desperately NEED YOUR HELP to continue our work.

Please consider DONATING today! Every single penny counts!

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You can also contact us to arrange a food or supplies donation.