Ivan Novikov 🇺🇦Ivan🇺🇦

Forever a woman carries within her the sacred knowledge of the powers of nature, the magical qualities of all living things, of witchcraft, celestial bodies, the powers of herbs and the spells of trees, of animal charms and of the unity of all that was, is, and will be.

The medieval inquisition never reached the mountains and meadows of the wild Motherland, and the knowledge, wisdom and magical whispers of the rivers and streams and the burning flames of Kupala's bonfires fortified the spirit of our women.

The dynamic and invincible power of three Ukrainian witch sisters, a mother and her daughters, unite to infuse us with the energy at truly magical @kasiki_shop. Give it a glance and find your own symbol of being unbreakable and faithful, sensitive and strong.

Part of the profits will be utilized to aid the animals that have been impacted by human actions, enhancing the magic of our collective goodwill and compassion.


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