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I'm a fullstack software engineer with more than ten years of experience in web magic ✨

I help startups unleash their full potential by crafting elegant, sturdy, and scalable custom software solutions - from MVPs to full-scale products and beyond, that help businesses emerge, grow and reach the highest goals.


Custom solutions engineering

I craft custom solutions for startups facing tight deadlines, limited resources and uncertain roadmaps. Whether it's a VR shopping experiences, geospatial data visualization platform for real estate and urban development or a tool for visualizing AI-interpreted MRI studies for radiology, my engineering solutions help startups prove concepts and transform challenging scenarios into opportunities.

Frontend software development

With deep expertise in ReactJS, NextJS and a broad array of other frontend technologies, I produce elegant and powerful user interfaces that captivate and engage users. My approach focus on creating responsive, visually appealing and user-friendly frontends that not only elevate the user experience but also enhance interaction proudly serving as the distinguished face of a product.

API & microservices development

From draft to delivery, I specialize in developing sophisticated API and microservices solutions using JavaScript and/or Python, ensuring seamless integration and scalable architecture. My strategic approach optimizes backend processes for enhanced efficiency and future growth, making the system robust and adaptable, which lays a solid foundation for a product.

Mobile apps development

I build robust mobile applications for iOS and Android using the Expo ecosystem, focusing on dashboard tools that require round-the-clock management, immediate access and real-time notifications. I utilize Expo to cost-effectively build fast and reliable apps that are tailored to the specific needs of a service operations, ensuring a solid support or addition to a product.

Live streaming production

As an experienced live streaming producer, editor and engineer, in collaboration with khutko team, I have managed dozens of successful projects ranging from live music to social broadcasts. I engineer and produce custom streaming solutions using cutting-edge network, hardware and software technologies, ensuring smooth production and top-quality content delivery regardless of scale and complexity.


At International Aid Legion, I focus on tech and logistics in projects aimed at sourcing and delivering medical aid and equipment, ambulances and specialized/evacuation transport, having delivered tons of medical supplies and more than 200 vehicles during the years of the war in Ukraine, enabling providing aid to and evacuation of over 35,000 civilians and animals from combat zones.

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